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Dunken Company World war 2 soldiers, civil war chess, prussian, fantasy elves, napoleonic french troops and viking molds examples when cast and painted

welcome to the dunken company Toy casting molds

Combine a mold, some metal and a little imagination and you will be amazed at the results. Hobby Casting is a fun, creative, rewarding and ecologically friendly activity

The Dunken Company is dedicated to bringing you the finest in home casting equipment. Whether your interests lie towards Alamo, Boy Scouts, West Point Cadets, Christmas Ornaments, Cowboys and Indians, Knights, World War II, Napoleonic era, Fantasy, Romans and Britons, Civil War, Vikings, the Nativity, Prussian or even themed chess sets, The Dunken Company has a wide variety of interesting molds to choose from.

In addition to molds we also offer a pleasing variety of casting equipment, including clamps, ladles, files, and metals. For the beginner to this rewarding hobby we provide a Starter Kit, which contains the basic equipment required to cast. Just choose a mold and some metal to compliment it and start casting today.

Prince August supplies a wonderfully active forum to allow you to meet other hobby casters, with a wide range of experiences and you can sign in and find lots in common. (Note: AOL and Netscape emails can not be used to register with this forum, please contact princeaugusts webmaster if you have any questions about access.)

We even have a wonderfully clear and comprehensive series of quick tutorials to help you get the best results FAST and become an expert caster and painter in an afternoon.

All our metal can be remelted as many times as you want, our molds are ecologically friendly, and you will save a fortune when you compare the amount of figures you can make in comparison to buying them ready cast.

Hobby casting is a family activity and is a great way to share some wholesome quality time with your kids. Our molds are not toys however and we always recommend adult supervision for any child under the age of 14. Always cast in a well ventilated area and take sensible precautions when handling hot metal.


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