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Dunken Company World war 2 soldiers, civil war chess, prussian, fantasy elves, napoleonic french troops and viking molds examples when cast and painted

the dunken company nativity 54mm molds

We are pleased to offer these fine 54mm full rounded molds.

This is an example of the Nativity set, when it is cast and painted

Our Nativity Set 54mm figure molds allow you to create your own characters for the Christmas season, and personalise them with your own colours choices and painting skills. Complete the set and a Nativity masterpiece of your very own that will be truly unique. Also remember that you can cast from these molds hundreds of times, which means you can make sets as gifts for the holiday season.
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image of this set of 9 figures when cast.

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Nativity - Wiseman, Stooping

PA1857 Nativity - Wiseman, with Turban $20.00
PA1856 Nativity - Wiseman, Kneeling $20.00
PA1855 Nativity - Shepherd, with Staff $20.00
PA1854 Nativity - Shepherd boy, with Lamb $20.00
PA1853 Nativity - Shepherd, Kneeling $20.00
PA1852 Nativity - Joseph $20.00
PA1851 Nativity - Virgin Mary $20.00
PA1850 Nativity - Baby Jesus and Crib $20.00
PA185052 Buy Baby Jesus, Mary and Joseph Mold set $55.00
PA185355 Buy 3 Shepherds Mold set $55.00
PA185658 Buy 3 Nativity Wisemen Mold set $55.00
PA185058 Buy all 9 molds $130

The Nativity Set cast and painted in a hand made stable

The stables are not included with these molds.

Prices subject to change without notice


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