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Dunken Company World war 2 soldiers, civil war chess, prussian, fantasy elves, napoleonic french troops and viking molds examples when cast and painted

the dunken company Casting Supplies and Metal

We are dedicated towards bringing you quality supplies and metals for your casting hobby. Some of these supplies are also available with a mold(s) in our Starter Kits so if you are getting into this hobby for the first time, you may want to check those out as well

Example of a starter pack with a ladle, clamps, support boards, release powder and instructions.

Deluxe Hot Pot
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File for cleaning up figures.

D2043 Container of Talc Powder. Used to help air flow smoothly out of the mold when casting. Improves quality of castings. $3.00
PA2042 Small ladle to use with pour casting (with heating sources other than our hot pot). $7.50
PA2041 Metal Clamp to hold the molds together while casting. $5.50
D2051 Extra boards used with clamp and molds when casting. $4.00
PA2000 Casting Accessory Pack - Contains: 2 clamps, ladle, talc powder, boards and casting instructions (Save $3.50 on materials) $20.00
D2050 Deluxe Hot Pot - Four pound hot pot ladle with it's own heating element and stand. $50.00
D2055 Hot Pot Heat Controller for regulating the temperature of the Hot Pot and avoid overheating the metal.   Discontinued
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Model Metal (per 8 ounces weight).
We consider this our "best" metal because of its low melting point (approximately 284° F), its ability to capture detail and the high success rate of pouring complete castings. It contains a large amount of lead, making it heavy and bismuth to improve the amount of fill.
Chess Metal (per 8 ounces weight).
This is our next best choice (melting point of approximately 360° F), its ability to capture excellent detail and has a very good success rate for pouring complete castings. Don't let the name fool you; it works great in all types of molds. It is a lead based alloy, with bismuth for fill and antimony as a flow improver.
Quad Metal (per 8 ounces weight).
This is our "mid-range" metal (melting point of approximately 400° F). It captures very good detail and acceptable results as to pouring complete castings. It is a lead based alloy similar to Chess Metal.
Cast Metal (per 8 ounces weight).
This is our most economical option (melting point of approximately 485° F). It can be used in rubber molds, but with a little less detail and it typically requires patience to produce complete castings. It is a lead based alloy with tin and antimony.
Pewter (per 8 ounces weight)
Pewter is "lead free" and is primarily tin.
It melts at about 550° F.
EZ-POUR (per 8 ounces weight). Low melting point, lead free, with lots of bismuth for best detail. Our best lead free metal. It melts at about 290 degrees F.

Our model metals are approximately 8 ounces (half pound) in weight.

One pound (16 ounces) will make in the range of:

8 to 10 - 54mm Figures

14 to 16 - 40mm Figures

28 to 30 - 25mm Figures

A 54mm chess set (both sides) will take about 3 ½ pounds of metal.

Warning: Some casting hobbyists may be using tire weights and other unknown alloys. You are risking damage to your molds because of the higher melting point (pure lead melts at 620 F). You will also find casting complete figures to be frustrating rather than enjoyable. When you consider the time wasted in producing partial or inferior castings, the additional costs of the specialty metals will more than pay for themselves. Dunken metals are made from virgin metals to limit impurities and improve casting.

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